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Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter - April ´17
Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter - August ´16
Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter - June ´15
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About Us

We are the champions

Interskill Learning has been a world leader in providing quality e-learning solutions for over twenty years. During that time, we have helped hundreds of organizations train their staff effectively in skills that are critical to the achievement of business objectives.

Datatrain courseware is the world’s best-selling technical IBM mainframe e-learning courseware. We are world leaders because we leverage the most advanced learning technologies to develop quality education that delivers measurable results.

Anytime, anywhere

Datatrain provides learners with an engaging learning experience that is specific to their job requirements. Our curriculum contains over 1,500 hours of mainframe and midrange e-learning that is industry-specific and up-to-date.

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Our Team

Staying at the forefront of training means having the best available people working for you...

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