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Course Catalog » zEnterprise Curriculum » zEnterprise Series

Introduction to zEnterprise - z196 & zBX

5 hours



This course describes how the zEnterprise system manages workloads across heterogeneous platforms and describes the components that comprise and support this system.


The first module in this is course is appropriate for anyone requiring an overview of the zEnterprise system, while other modules are specifically for Operators, System Programmers or System Administrators that require a technical understanding of the z196, zBX and zManager and HMC components.


A basic understanding of mainframe data processing concepts.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits associated with the zEnterprise system
  • Describe the function of z196, zBX and zManager components
  • Identify the components that comprise a typical z196 system
  • Describe the features that zBX can provide
  • List the new HMC features available with the zEnterprise system

Course Content

What is the zEnterprise?

A study of today's Data Center hardware and software structures

Business expectations

How zEnterprise breaks down traditional barriers

Big picture - z196, zBX and zManager

New terminology

zEnterprise 196

z196 Models

Capacity configurations

Hardware components

I/O system structure

zBX and Platform Integration

zBX components

zBX management

zManager management functions

Smart Analytics Optimizer Solution

The zEnterprise Hardware Management Console

Configuration of the primary and alternate HMC

HMC Roles

Ensemble configuration tasks

Monitoring ensemble activity

Introduction to zEnterprise Mastery Test

Course Catalog » zEnterprise Curriculum » zEnterprise Series
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