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Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter - April ´17
Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter - August ´16
Interskill Mainframe Training Newsletter - June ´15
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When your organization chooses to partner with Interskill Learning, you can build the competitive differentiation and implement the successful business strategies that open channels into new markets and place you amongst the frontrunners in today's fiercely competitive training marketplace. Consider the enormous profit boost to your company that will flow from increased service offerings, greater growth and market share, and incremental productivity increases.

Each partner is allowed access to our Business Partner Portal, which provides marketing resources, product information, course update information, and more.


Interskill Learning is committed to its partners and expects the same commitment in return. We must be confident that our partners can achieve revenue targets so they must be a proven and experienced sales force. Partners must also be committed to providing the best possible experience to customers.

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