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Datatrain Mainframe Training

World-class mainframe training

Datatrain, by Interskill Learning, has received worldwide acclaim for providing the most comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date mainframe training programs for the Information Communications and Technology industry. That is why we have been the global market leader in self-paced mainframe training and midrange training since 1990.

Our creative focus

Datatrain is a superior series of specialized technical training courses for IBM mainframe and midrange operators and programmers. Our interactive and engaging courseware provides meaningful, effective, and measurable learning experiences that will meet your business objectives.

Our customer focus

More than 100 of the top Fortune 500 companies have benefited from Interskill Learning's best-of-breed mainframe training. Interskill is dedicated to the success of our global customers’ e-learning initiatives.

Datatrain - IBM Mainframe Training  
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