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Mainframe Training Learning Plans

Choose your eLearning path

Datatrain has created unique Learning Plans that provide learners with flexible paths of learning activity that lays the foundations for technical competence.

We’ll show you the path to success

Our Learning Plans integrate work and learning practices to provide strategic upskilling at every organizational level.

With Datatrain Learning Plans, you can:
Inspire your people to achieve their professional learning goals
Map training requirements to job skill requirements
Provide a structured training program that your people can manage themselves
Set completion times for the efficient management of training time
Promote higher rates of course completion and better results
Access assessments to inform performance appraisals
Identify skill and knowledge gaps and prescribe targeted training

From learning path to career path

Click the job role to see the recommended learning plan in the sample organizational chart.

            Data Center Manager                
            Data Center Operations Manager                

Operations   Production Support   Network Operations   Helpdesk   Systems Programming   Specialists   Applications Programming   POWER Series
Trainee Computer Operator   Tape Librarian   Network Operator   Helpdesk Operator   Junior Systems Programmer   Security Administrator   Junior Programmer   IBM i Operator
Computer Operator   Production Scheduler           Systems Programmer   Storage Administrator   Programmer   IBM i Application Programmer
Senior Computer Operator   Senior Production Scheduler               DB2 Database Administrator       IBM i Systems Programmer
Operations Analyst                   IMS Database Administrator       AIX Administrator
                    Quality Assurance Tester        
                    z/OS System Auditor (CA ACF2)        
                    z/OS System Auditor (RACF)        
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