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Mainframe Training Product Overview

Create – stimulate - evaluate

The key to the global success of Datatrain mainframe education is our focus on three crucial elements.

       Create the learning path        Stimulate our learners        Evaluate the results  
  Datatrain’s Learning Path Tool creates a structured training path for one or multiple learners based on their specific job requirements.   Datatrain’s eLearning Curriculum features over 150 courses so we can create a structured learning solution that fits your learning objectives.   Datatrain’s Skills Assessment Tool provides you with comprehensive assessments that ensure skill acquisition and quantify ROI.  
Datatrain courseware has been designed to train operations, technical support ... Datatrain has created unique Learning Plans that provide learners with ... Datatrain assessments measure the technical competence of learners. The format of our assessments ...
Datatrain courseware can be integrated with many learning management systems (LMS) ...      
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