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Mainframe Training Assessments

Mainframe Training Assessments
Comprehensive assessment

Datatrain assessments measure the technical competence of learners. The format of our assessments is similar to certification exams in which no answers are provided during or after the exam, but a pass or fail rating and an examination percentage is provided on the Assessment Results page.

Tangible benefits
Know exactly what your personnel do and do not know Access measurable data showing skills learned and retained
Pinpoint team and individual knowledge gaps and strengths
Set a pre-training skill level benchmark and then compare to post-training assessment results
Calculate accurate ROI on all training expenditure
Measure the effectiveness of existing classroom courses
Access an objective source for performance appraisals
Test personnel before hiring
Use for internal mainframe certification

Powerful features
Most questions are new and do not appear in previous courses
All questions are randomized before being displayed to the learner
Questions are weighted and scored according to importance
All questions are based on job competencies. Each question is linked to a Datatrain course and to IBM manuals

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