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Course Catalog » Virtualization Curriculum

Monitoring and Controlling z/VM Operations

5 hours



The Monitoring and Controlling z/VM Operations course describes the tasks associated with displaying z/VM system status and activity, and management of z/VM resources.


System operators, system administrators or other staff responsible for monitoring and managing the z/VM system.


Basic understanding of z/VM or completion of Datatrain's z/VM Concepts, System Initialization and Shutdown course.


After completing this course, the student should be able to enter Control Program (CP) commands to:

  • Display and control attributes associated with z/VM Tape and DASD devices, processors and storage
  • Query and monitor z/VM activity
  • Display and control attributes associated with spool files and printers

Course Content

Monitoring the z/VM System

z/VM Consoles

Defining the Role of the Operator

Understanding Privilege Classes

Gathering CP Data

Displaying and Defining User Information

Managing Processors, Storage, and Local Devices

Displaying Active Processors

Changing Processor Availability

Displaying Storage Configuration

Modifying Storage Attributes

Controlling Channel Paths and Local Devices

Managing DASD and Tape Drives

How DASD are Utilized

Displaying DASD Information and Status

Dedicating DASD to Users

Displaying Tape Drive Status

Controlling Tape Drive Accessibility

Managing Printers and Spool Files

Identifying Printer Status

Stopping a Printer

Removing a Printer from Use

Managing Spool Files in the Print Queue

Controlling the Print file Currently Active

Monitoring and Controlling z/VM Operations Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Virtualization Curriculum
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