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Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum

IBM i Fundamentals

5 hours



The IBM i Fundamentals course explains the origins of the IBM i system and describes the configuration of hardware and software needed to support it. It discusses the types of devices that can be used to access the IBM i system and the interfaces most commonly used. Examples are also provided of several products commonly used to perform IBM i administration tasks.


IT professionals who have no previous experience with IBM i.


No prerequisites are required for this course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify IBM i Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Access an IBM i System
  • Display IBM i System Activity Using Different System Interfaces
  • Describe how Data is Stored in an IBM i System

Course Content

IBM i System Introduction

Introduction to IBM i

IBM i Origins

Power 7 Hardware

Logical Partitions


IBM i Software

Accessing the IBM i System

Accessing the System and Help Facilities

Application Interfaces

Access Sources

Products and Methods used to Connect to IBM i

Signing-on to the IBM i System

Help Facilities

Sample System Tasks via Different Interfaces

Understanding User Profiles

Creating New Users

Displaying Active Jobs

System i Navigator

Object and File Management

What are Objects?

Storing Objects

Displaying and Accessing Objects

Libraries and Library Lists

Integrated File System

IBM i Fundamentals Mastery Test

Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum
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