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Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum

Monitoring and Managing IBM i Workloads

5 hours



The Monitoring and Managing IBM i Workloads course provides an overview of the processes involved in monitoring, managing and controlling IBM i workloads and printing.


IT professionals who need to perform IBM i operational tasks.


Completion of the Datatrain ‘IBM i Fundamentals' and ‘Introduction to IBM i for System Operators' courses.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify IBM i workload types
  • Describe the processes involved in monitoring and managing IBM i workloads
  • Describe the monitoring and printing processes

Course Content

Types of IBM i Workloads

Client Servers with IBM i

Subsystem and Work Environment Configuration


Controlling Subsystems

Use of Prestart Jobs

Working with IBM i Jobs

Understanding Subsystems

Starting and Stopping Subsystems

Job Names and Properties

Submitting a Batch Job Overview

Tracking a Batch Job

Monitoring and Managing IBM i Workloads

Monitoring Job Performance

Managing Batch Jobs

Monitoring Resource Use

Overview of Monitoring System Performance

Managing Job Queues

System Monitors with Managements Central Basics

Monitoring and Controlling Printing

Printing Elements

Controlling Printing

Starting and Stopping Writers

Moving Output

Printing to PDF Files

Monitoring and Managing IBM i Workloads Mastery Test

Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum
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