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Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum

IBM i System Administration Fundamentals

5 hours



This course introduces the learner to the core tasks performed by the IBM i System Administrator, and includes information on system configuration, security, backup, recovery, performance monitoring and capacity planning. The use of third-party and IBM products to achieve these tasks is also discussed. The Management Central software, which is used to monitor and control IBM i system activity and performance is also explained in detail.


IBM i System Administrators or those needing to perform administrator tasks.


Familiarity with the IBM i green screen command, IBM i Access for Windows and/or IBM i System Director Navigator is assumed.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the role of IBM i System Administrator
  • Identify tools used by Administrators
  • Effectively work with Management Central

Course Content

The Role of IBM i System Administrator

System Set-up

Company Security Policy

Back Up Strategies

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

Upgrades and Fixes

System Performance

Capacity Planning


System Identification

TCP Settings

System Values

Start Up Program

Create Additional System Server Tool Users

Create Additional Security Officer Users

System Tools

System Tools Used by Administrators

Additional IBM Products

Third Party Products

Working with Management Central

Using Monitors to Send Alerts

Schedule Jobs on Multiple Machines

Collect and Extract Inventory

Compare and Update Systems from a Model System

Set Up Performance Data Collection

Use Performance Graphs for Capacity Planning

IBM i System Administration Fundamentals Mastery Test

Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum
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