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Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum

Advanced Query Features and Management

6 hours



The Advanced Query Features and Management course begins by looking at more complex capabilities associated with query definitions. It then moves into the management of queries, explaining how queries can be copied, modified, deleted, printed and run. The Data File Utility and its purpose are discussed, and finally a number of tips when managing queries are provided.


Personnel requiring more detailed knowledge about creating and managing reports with the IBM Query for i facility.


Completion of the Datatrain Creating a Simple Query course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Describe how query report values can be calculated
  • Sort and sequence data displayed in a query report
  • Identify tasks that can be performed against queries
  • Describe how The Data File Utility manages database records
  • Explain performance considerations when dealing with queries

Course Content

Creating Advanced Queries

Totaling and Averaging Field Values

Calculating Field Values

Sequencing and Sorting Fields in the Report

Summary and Detailed Report Specifications

Managing Queries

Work With Queries Screen

Modifying, Copying, Deleting, Displaying, and Printing Queries

Methods Used to Run Queries

Handling Multiple Queries

Using the Data File Utility with Queries

Data File Utility Overview

Accessing the Data File Utility Screen

Adding, Changing, and Deleting Database Records

Tips on Using Queries

Query Performance Considerations

Online vs Batch Processing

WRKUSRJOB Command for Tracking Batch Queries

Advanced Query Features and Management Mastery Test

Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum
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