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Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum » IBM i RPG Series

RPG/400 Advanced Workstation Programming

6 hours



The RPG/400 Advanced Workstation Programming course shows how to use the standard IBM i tools to write and compile RPG/400 programs. This course also covers the design and use of dynamic databases in your program.


Personnel requiring knowledge of RPG Interactive Programming in a Green-Screen environment.


Have completed the Datatrain RPG/400 Workstation Programming Introduction course or equivalent.


After completing the course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how Data is Accessed Using Logical Files, Open Query File, and SQL
  • Identify the Tasks used to Configure Your RPG Programming Environment
  • Code a Simple RPG Program

Course Content



Database File Access for Input, Update, and Delete

Advanced Database and SQL Programming

Advanced Database concepts

Using Data Description Specifications to create a database

Use OPNQRYF to dynamically access a relational database

Use standard SQL statements in your RPG/400 program

Programming Environment

Executing the Routines (Writing to the Screen and User Input)

Writing the Record to the File

Avoiding a Program Bug

Programming Specification and Documentation

Control and File Logic Associated with Updating and Deleting a Database Record

Detail the End of Run Processes When the LR Indicator Is ON

RPG/400 Advanced Workstation Programming Mastery Test

Course Catalog » IBM Power Systems - IBM i Curriculum » IBM i RPG Series
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