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Course Catalog » Utilities Curriculum

General Data Set Utilities 2.1

4 hours



This course looks at the IEFBR14, IEHPROGM and IEBCOPY utilities and discusses how they are used to create, copy, and delete data sets. The JCL requirements for these utilities, along with their control statement syntax, is also covered in detail.


Operators, application and system programmers who have a need to code and execute batch utilities that are used for basic z/OS system tasks.


Basic z/OS processing concepts knowledge.

Completion of the "Introduction to JCL" course, or experience using JCL.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Code IEFBR14 JCL to create and delete data sets
  • Code IEHPROGM JCL to scratch, uncatalog, catalog and rename data sets
  • Use IEBCOPY to copy and merge data associated with partitioned data sets

Course Content

Creating and Deleting Data Sets Using IEFBR14

The Purpose of IEFBR14

JCL Used to Invoke IEFBR14

Cataloging and Uncataloging Non-SMS Data Sets

Deleting Data Sets

Creating Data Sets

Data Set Maintenance Using IEHPROGM

Function of IEHPROGM

IEHPROGM JCL Requirements

Scratching a Data Set

Cataloging and Uncataloging Data Sets

Renaming a Data Set

Using IEHPROGM for Data Set Password Management

Using IEBCOPY to Copy Partitioned Data Set Content

Tasks Performed Using IEBCOPY

IEBCOPY JCL Requirements

Copying Partitioned Data Sets Members

Copying and Modifying Load Modules

Merging Partitioned Data Sets

Replacing Existing PDS Members

Selecting and Excluding Members for Copying

Compressing a Data Set

General Data Set Utilities Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Utilities Curriculum
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