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Course Catalog » IBM System z and z/OS Fundamentals Mastery Test Learning Plan Curriculum

CICS TS - Introduction 4.1

6 hours



The CICS TS - Introduction course provides an overview of the CICS Transaction Server product and how it is used to process work. A description of the components that comprise CICS TS and how they are integrated, is covered. Details explaining access to, and use of, the CICS Explorer tool for displaying, monitoring and managing CICS data is also discussed.


Most of the modules in this course are designed for operations personnel who perform a role in monitoring a CICS system, but some modules are suitable for IT personnel seeking an overview of the CICS Transaction Server.


Completion of the following Datatrain course, or equivalent knowledge

  • Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment


After completing this course, the learner should be able to identify:

  • What CICS is and how it is used to process work
  • Their role in working with CICS
  • How to communicate with CICS
  • The different CICS components
  • How to configure CICS Explorer to display CICS data

Course Content

CICS TS and Transaction Processing Concepts

Function of the CICS Transaction Server

Personnel who Interact with CICS


Transaction Deadlock


CICS Structure and Intercommunication

CICS Applications


Extended Recovery Facility


Multiregion Operation

Intersystem Communication

CICS Transaction Gateway

CICS Data Sets

CICS Use of DUMP Data Sets


Trace Data Sets

Extended Recovery Facility Data Sets

CICS Catalogs


System Log

Temporary Storage

Transient Data Sets

Introduction to CICS Explorer

Understanding CICS Explorer

Accessing CICS Explorer

Connecting CICS Explorer to a CICS System

Understanding Views and Perspectives

Creating Views

Filtering View Content

Moving and Resizing Views

Deleting a View

Manipulating CICS Explorer Data

Moving Column Data

Hiding and Displaying Columns

Using the Editor View

Modifying Resource Attribute Values

Invoking Predefined Editor Views

Displaying Context-Sensitive Help

Searching the Help

Integrating Your Help Files into CICS Explorer

CICS TS - Introduction Mastery Test

Course Catalog » IBM System z and z/OS Fundamentals Mastery Test Learning Plan Curriculum
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