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Course Catalog » IBM Explorer for z/OS Curriculum

IBM Explorer for z/OS

2 hours



The IBM Explorer for z/OS (also known as z/OS Explorer) course discusses the evolution of this product and how it fits into IBM's strategy of producing powerful modern looking tools that can be used easily by both experienced and entry-level personnel. The product's eclipse-based framework is discussed in detail with considerable emphasis on the use of z/OS and Resource perspectives, and the related views used to display and manage z/OS data.


This course is suitable for operations staff, system and application programmers, and other personnel that need to interact with z/OS data.


A solid knowledge of JES, SDSF and JCL are required as the majority of this course deals with the handling of z/OS data, job management and its associated output.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Access IBM Explorer for z/OS
  • Identify Perspectives and Views Used in IBM Explorer for z/OS
  • Perform Common z/OS Tasks Using IBM Explorer for z/OS

Course Content

Using IBM Explorer for z/OS

IBM Explorer for z/OS Basics

Accessing IBM Explorer for z/OS

Understanding Perspectives and Views

Eclipse-Based Framework Familiarization

Connecting to a z/OS System

Data Sets and z/OS UNIX Files Views

Jobs View

Editing z/OS Data

Job Submission and Output Display

Common Tasks Using IBM Explorer for z/OS

Resource Perspective

Course Catalog » IBM Explorer for z/OS Curriculum
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