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Course Catalog » Zowe Curriculum

Zowe Basics

2 hours



The Zowe Basics course begins by describing why Zowe is being developed, and the major components that comprise Zowe. Examples show how Zowe is accessed and the types of applications available from the resulting web interface. Scenarios including the use of plug-ins and RESTful Services are also presented, as well as details on the actions that can be performed on z/OS using the Command Line Interface (CLI). The advantages of using Zowe are discussed in detail, emphasizing the benefits of open-source and its access to the mainframe. In later content, a description on how Zowe and its components are started are presented, describing how they interact with each other and the user. Examples explaining how Zowe Plug-Ins are defined and installed, and RESTful services are modified and added are provided to show how Zowe's capabilities can be extended.


This course is primarily aimed at system programmers and developers.




After completing this course, the student should be able to describe:

  • The components that comprise Zowe
  • The benefits of using Zowe and how its capabilities can be extended

Course Content

Introduction to Zowe

Zowe Application Framework

Web User Interface


RESTful Services


Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI) and CLI Scripts

API Mediation

API Catalog

Zowe Security

Advantages of Using Zowe

Zowe Desktop

Providing Automation Capabilities

Open-Source Benefits

Zowe Components Demystified

Zowe Startup Script

Zowe Processes Started

ZSS Server

Communicating with Zowe Components

z/OSMF Prerequisite


Zowe CLI Profiles

Installing Zowe CLI

Adding Applications to the Zowe Application Framework

Defining Plug-Ins

Adding RESTful Services

CLI Default Plug-Ins

Creating and Installing CLI Plug-Ins

Zowe Basics Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Zowe Curriculum
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