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Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum

Introduction to iSeries Programming Environment

5 hours



The Introduction to iSeries Programming Environment course describes the comprehensive programmer environment called PDM. It explores all the PDM facilities that will enable the learner to commence programming.


Personnel requiring basic and more advanced knowledge about the iSeries programming environment, and personnel with programming experience who are new to the iSeries Green-Screen Programming Environment.


Knowledge of programming concepts and the iSeries operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the Development Environment, including the user profile, libraries, library list, source files, and output queues
  • Identify the concepts of the Program Development Manager (PDM)

Course Content

Introduction to the iSeries Programming Environment

The Development Environment

User Profile

Libraries and Library List

Source Files

Introduction to the iSeries Printing

Output Queues

Development Tools


Source Entry Utility (SEU)

Screen Design Aid (SDA)

Query (QRY)

Data File Utility (DFU)

Program Development Manager (PDM)

Introduction to Program Development Manager (PDM)

Work with the Major Areas of PDM

Work with PDM Options

User Defined Options

Using Program Development Manager (PDM)

Sign On to the iSeries and Access PDM

Work with Libraries and User Defined Options

Work with Objects and Members By Using PDM

Introduction to iSeries Programming Environment Mastery Test

Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum
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