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Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries Introduction Series

Introduction to iSeries Security

4 hours



The iSeries Security course describes how to manage and work with the iSeries objects. It explains how to secure objects so that only authorised users, operators, and programmers can access or modify information and security settings.


Personnel responsible for the security administration of the iSeries system.


Completion of the "iSeries Concepts" course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize the system security levels on the iSeries
  • Identify how to implement and maintain security on the iSeries

Course Content

Introduction to iSeries Security

Location Security

System and Workstation Locking

Offline Media Security

User Profiles

Object Ownership List

Object Authorizations List

IBM User Profiles

Resource Security

Display Object Authority

Edit Object Authority

Group Profiles and Authorisation Lists

Group Profile Parameter

Using the Security Menu

Using Commands

Securing Objects

Using a Reference Object

Granting Object Authority

Revoking Object Authority

Authorization Flow

Specific Authorities

Valid Authorization List

System Values

System Values for Security

Displaying and Changing Security from iSeries Navigator

Introduction to iSeries Security Mastery Test

Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries Introduction Series
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