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Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries Operations Series

iSeries Operating Facilities

4 hours



The iSeries Operating Facilities course explains how to perform regular and critical tasks. This includes starting (initializing) and stopping (terminating) the system, monitoring to ensure that users have access, and performing backups and restores.


Programmers and other personnel requiring training in iSeries operations.


Completion of the "iSeries Operating Fundamentals" course and a basic knowledge of computer concepts.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how to:

  • Monitor devices on the system
  • Save and restore system objects
  • Describe how to perform Initial Program Load (IPL)
  • Describe how to power down the iSeries
  • Use and change Assistance Levels

Course Content

Device Configuration

System Hardware Configuration

Device Connection Types

Twinaxial Connections

Terminal Multi-connectors

Local and Remote Connections

LAN Connections

Managing Devices

Managing Devices

Monitoring Device Messages

Monitoring Line Status

Viewing hardware via iSeries Navigator

iSeries Save

Archiving System Resources

The Save / Restore Facility

Initiating the Save Facility

Save Files

The Object Description

Backup Schedules

System Backup

Object Types Not Saved with Entire System Save

Saving Changed Objects

Saving Directories

iSeries Restore

Initiating the Restore Facility

Selective Restoring

Data Protection Strategies

Startup Procedures

IPL - Attended and Unattended

Sign-on Procedures

Remote IPL Facility

IPL after Power Failure

Shutdown Procedures

Powering Down the System

Using the Power On / Off Button

Operational Assistant

Assistance Levels (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced)

Managing the System, Users, and Devices through Assistance Levels

Cleanup Tasks

iSeries Operating Facilities Mastery Test

Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries Operations Series
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