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Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries Application Programming Introduction Series

Introduction to Device Files

3 hours



The Introduction to Device Files course introduces display files and printer files. It explains how to define and create them.


Personnel requiring an introduction to iSeries programming.


Completion of the courses "Introduction to Programming the iSeries" and "Introduction DB2/400", and knowledge of data processing, programming concepts, and the iSeries operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:

  • Fields and records on a display file
  • DDS entries used to create display files
  • Commonly used keywords for display files
  • How printer file records are used to create business reports
  • The DDS used to create a report heading record
  • The DDS used to create report detail and total records

Course Content

Introduction to Display Files

Fields in Display Device Files

Records in Display Device Files

Introduction to DDS for Display Files

DDS Used to Create Display Files

DDS for an Example Screen

Introduction to Display File Keywords

Commonly Used Keywords in Display Device Files

Field Level Keywords

Record Level Keywords

Creating the Display File

Introduction to Printer Files

Using Printer File Records to Produce Simple Reports

Printer Files

Printer Devices

Standard Report Format

Report Creation

Printer File Format

Introduction to DDS for Printer Files

DDS Used to Create a Simple Report Heading

Defining a Printer File

Report Creation

DDS for Printer Files

An Example Report and Its DDS

Completing and Creating the Printer File

DDS Used to Create Report Details and Totals

The Command to Create the Printer File Object

Introduction to Device Files Mastery Test

Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries Application Programming Introduction Series
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