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Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries RPG Series

RPG/400 Programming

4 hours



The RPG/400 Programming course explains how to use Report Program Generator (RPG) features to write reports. It also describes structured programming and how to affect the flow of control.


Personnel requiring knowledge of RPG/400 programming in a Green-Screen Environment.


Knowledge of data processing, programming concepts, and the iSeries operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the RPG/400 program cycle
  • Identify the process to stop a program using the LR indicator and the Return (RETRN) opcode
  • Define the basics of structured programming
  • Identify how to affect the flow of control by using indicators and structured opcodes

Course Content

Introducing the RPG Cycle

The RPG Cycle - Program Start, Execution, and End

Using the Calculation Specification Sheet

Stopping an RPG Program

Using the SETON LR and RETRN Opcodes

Coding a Simple Program

Structured Programming - Flow of Control

Introduction to Flow of Control

Structured Programming



Structured Programming - Iteration

What Iteration is and How it is Used

Introducing the DO Opcode and its variants DO Until and DO While

RPG Advanced Indicators

Flow of Control Using Indicators and Structured Programming Opcodes

Setting and Unsetting Indicators

Treating Indicators as Fields and Array Elements

RPG/400 Programming Mastery Test

Course Catalog » iSeries Curriculum » iSeries RPG Series
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