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Course Catalog » CICS Transaction Server Curriculum » CICS TS Operations Series 5.3

CICS Explorer Fundamentals

3 hours



This course describes how to access a CICS TS system using CICS Explorer, and how the CICS Explorer window can be modified to display various CICS TS data. Details describing how CICS Explorer help can be accessed, and the creation and integration of customized help is also covered.


This course is designed for operations personnel and CICS system administrators responsible for monitoring and managing CICS TS systems.


Completion of the Interskill CICS TS - Introduction course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Access a CICS TS system using CICS Explorer
  • Re-configure the default CICS Explorer window
  • Display CICS TS data
  • Modify CICS TS resource attributes
  • Access CICS Explorer help
  • Create and integrate customized help into CICS Explorer

Course Content

Introduction to CICS Explorer

Understanding CICS Explorer

Accessing CICS Explorer

Connecting CICS Explorer to a CICS TS System

Understanding Views and Perspectives

Creating Views

Filtering View Content

Moving and Resizing Views

Deleting a View

Manipulating CICS Explorer Data

Moving Column Data

Sorting Tabular Data

Hiding and Displaying Columns

Using the Editor View

Modifying Resource Attribute Values

Invoking Predefined Editor Views

Displaying Context-Sensitive Help

Searching the Help

Integrating Your Help Files into CICS Explorer

CICS Explorer Fundamentals Mastery Test

Course Catalog » CICS Transaction Server Curriculum » CICS TS Operations Series 5.3
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