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Course Catalog » JCL Curriculum

JCL (z/OS) - Coding Procedures and JES2 Control Statements 2.1

4 hours



The JCL (z/OS) - Coding Procedures and JES2 Control Statement course demonstrates how to create JCL procedures. It also covers the use of override statements and symbolic substitution of values within a procedure. It examines how parameter values can be passed, and how backward references can be used between steps. Finally, it describes the use of the JES control statement in determining the environment that a job should run under, and the OUTPUT statement and its role in determining where output should be sent for printing.


Senior operators, application programmers, or system programmers who work with JCL that contains procedures and/or JES2 Control statements.


It is assumed that the student has successfully completed the Datatrain courses Scheduling Batch Jobs Using Different Data Set Types and Using JCL Statements to Identify and Resolve Batch Problems.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Write and use procedures in batch processing
  • Use symbolic substitution in JCL
  • Manage batch output through JCL
  • Code JES2 control statements

Course Content

Working with Procedures

Procedure Fundamentals

Using In-Stream Procedures

Using Cataloged Procedures

Using the JCLLIB and SET Statements

Using Symbols in JCL and Procedure Modification

Coding JCL Symbols

JCL and System Symbol Substitution

Modifying Procedure Statements

Advanced Control of Output to JES

Using the OUTPUT Statement

Working with Output and JES

Using JES2 Control Statements

Issuing JES2 Control Statements Within A Job Stream

Coding Procedures and JES2 Control Statements Mastery Test

Course Catalog » JCL Curriculum
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