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Parallel Sysplex

3 hours



The Parallel Sysplex course introduces the concepts of a z/OS Parallel Sysplex. It explores the different types of system configurations and the technical terms used to describe them. It also describes the basic steps and conditions required to set up a Parallel Sysplex environment.


Any personnel wishing to become familiar with Parallel Sysplex Hardware and Software concepts and requirements.


Good understanding of general IBM hardware, software, terminology and concepts.


After completing this Course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand what a SYSPLEX is
  • Understand the concepts of Symmetry, asymmetry & single system image
  • Understand the basics involved in setting a Parallel Sysplex environment

Course Content

Introduction to Parallel Sysplex

On completion the student should have a understanding of:

What is a SYSPLEX?

Parallel Processing

Data Sharing and the coupling facility

Hardware and Software requirements

Sample Configurations

Parallel Sysplex Concepts

On completion the student should have a understanding of:

Symmetry in Hardware and Software

Allowing for Asymmetry

Single system image

Single point of control

Software/Hardware Symmetry

Making Changes

Availability and Recovery

Introducing changes

Parallel Sysplex - The Setup

Shared and non-shared data (including couple datasets)


Policies and Policy datasets

Parmlib members

Implications of naming conventions

Course Catalog » Related Products Curriculum
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