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Virtual Tape Server (VTS)

3 hours



The Virtual Tape Server (VTS) course introduces the student to the concepts, functions, and capabilities of a VTS and explains how a VTS operates. Information describing the VTS hardware and software components is provided including the commands used to monitor and maintain a VTS in the z/OS operating environment.


Operators, System Programmers or Storage Administrators that require an understanding of VTS architecture and operation.


General understanding of data processing in a z/OS operating environment.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of a VTS
  • Explain how a VTS is configured
  • Enter commands to start and stop a VTS
  • Describe how a host system interacts with a VTS

Course Content

Basic Requirements and Components

Data Center Storage Requirements

The Need for a Virtual Tape Server (VTS)

VTS Components and Configuration

VTS Software

Password Management

Functions and Commands

VTS Startup and Shutdown Commands

Invoking an Inventory Update

Foreign Tape Processing

VTS Intervention Scenarios

VTS and Host Interaction

Mapping VTS Functions to Data Center Processing Scenarios

Display, Export, Import and Vary Commands

Course Catalog » Related Products Curriculum
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