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Course Catalog » IMS Curriculum

IMS Concepts and Commands

9 hours



The IMS Concepts and Commands course explains the concepts behind IMS DB (database) and IMS DC (data communications). It teaches the student to monitor, maintain, and manage an IMS system.


Computer personnel requiring knowledge of the IMS system and an overview of IMS/VS.


Knowledge of the MVS operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the components of an IMS/VS system
  • Identify what a database is and how data communication works
  • Identify how to start, stop, and monitor the IMS system

Course Content

Introduction to IMS/VS

Introduction to Running Time Units, Image Copies, Control Region, MPR, and BMP

DB Concepts

Concepts of a Database

DC Concepts

Concepts of Data Communications

The LOG Facility

IMS/VS Logging Procedures

IMS/VS with Other Subsystems

Using IMS with Other Databases and Data Communication Systems

Master Terminal Operator

Master Terminal Operator Functions

System Checkpoints

The /CHE and /CHE SNAPQ Commands

Starting the IMS/VS System, Part 1

Different Types of Startup

Starting the IMS/VS System, Part 2

The Warm Start - Database Connection

Starting the IMS/VS SYSTEM, Part 3

The Warm Start - Data Communications Connection


IMS/VS Cold and Emergency Starts

Emergency Starts

Cold Starts

IMS/VS Start Simulator

Student to Start Up the IMS System

Stopping the IMS/VS System, Part 1

Types of Terminating Checkpoints




Stopping the IMS/VS System, Part 2

Orderly Shutdown

Send Message

Stop DC, Remove Terminals

Stopping the IMS/VS System, Part 3

Stopping Regions

Stopping Databases

Stopping the IMS/VS System, Part 4


Completing Shutdown Log

IMS/VS Stop Simulator

IMS/VS System Checks, Part 1

Commands Used to Monitor the System

Displaying Activity and Online Data Sets

IMS/VS System Checks, Part 2

Displaying the Status of Transactions and Queues

Displaying the Status of Databases and Programs

IMS/VS System Checks, Part 3

Displaying Hardcopy Log and Correcting Problems

IMS/VS System Checks, Part 4

Displaying IMS/VS Subsystems

Displaying IMS/VS SPOOL

Course Catalog » IMS Curriculum
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