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IMS Database Concepts for COBOL Programmers

4 hours



The IMS Database Concepts for COBOL Programmers course details the structure and use of an IMS/DB database. It gives examples of the DL/I data access language and shows how to use DL/I in COBOL programs to read and update IMS data. The concept of backup and recovery, particularly in the context of batch programming runs, is also explained.


Personnel requiring knowledge about the way database management systems like IMS facilitate COBOL application development in a mainframe environment.


Knowledge of the mainframe environment, TSO, ISPF, and JCL, and COBOL programming experience.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define hierarchical databases
  • Define DL/I application programming concepts

Course Content

IMS Database Introduction

Database Evolution and Different Models of DBMS

IMS/DB Structures

Segments and Parent-Child Relationships

IMS Database Definition

Different Types of IMS Databases

Define a Database Structure

Create a Database

Accessing an IMS Database

Accessing the Database

Program Control Blocks (PCB) and Program Specification Blocks (PSB)

Ways These Units are Used to Enforce Data and Access Security

Unit Use in an Online Environment

Introducing DL/I

Introducing DL/I

DL/I Functions

PCB Mask

Segment I/O Area


Produce a DL/I Call

Coding a Simple COBOL DL/I Batch Program

Extended DL/I Functions

DL/I Command Codes

DL/I Status Codes

How to Delete and Replace Segments

How to Access Lower Levels in a Hierarchy

Secondary Indexing

Logical Databases

IMS Backout and Recovery

Recovery Concepts and Procedures

Restart Concepts and Procedures

Course Catalog » IMS Curriculum
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