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Course Catalog » z/OS Curriculum » z/OS 2.4 Series

z/OS - Advanced - Tips and Tricks 2.4

2 hours



This course contains many z/OS-related tips, tricks, techniques, and best-practice items that you may find useful in your day-to-day activities. It covers several new areas of functionality associated with z/OS 2.3 and z/OS 2.4.


Operators and system programmers who need to monitor and interact with z/OS systems.


It is assumed that the student has successfully completed all previous z/OS courses in this curricula, or has equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify z/OS system commands and activities to improve system performance, and more quickly resolve system problems.

Course Content

Tips and Tricks - z/OS Operations

Identifying System Attributes - D IPLINFO

Displaying CPU Details

Displaying Other System Software Details

Displaying all Systems in a SYSPLEX

Executing MVS or JES Commands in Batch

JES2 Command Statement in JCL

Executing MVS or JES Commands Using Batch SDSF

Using Automatic Command Processing to Invoke MVS and JES Commands

Useful Commands When JES Issues Warning Messages

Intermediate Action to Relieve JES2 Resource Shortage

Refreshing Software Attributes - LLA

Refreshing Software Attributes - Catalog Address Space


Tips and Tricks - z/OS Systems Programmer

Command Stacking

Refreshing Software Attributes - SMF

Displaying Allocations Using ISRDDN

IBM Doc Buddy

SDSF Enqueue Panel

Tuning Tips - Component Trace

Tuning Tips - SMF Records

JES2 Hold and Dormancy

JES2 Checkpoint Statistics

Using PERFDATA to Display Statistics

Resetting PERFDATA Statistics

Using $JDHISTORY to Analyze Resource Shortages

Course Catalog » z/OS Curriculum » z/OS 2.4 Series
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