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Course Catalog » Database Curriculum

Optimize Db2 Application Performance V10

5 hours



The Optimize Db2 Application Performance course describes how SQL statements perform different types of data locking depending on their purpose. The use of the Db2 Explain facility for performance monitoring and tuning is discussed along with the Db2 Optimizer and Db2 Estimator.


Programmers and DBAs requiring training in managing and accessing Db2 databases, particularly the use of SQL.


Basic knowledge of Db2, relational databases, and SQL.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify some of the performance issues encountered with Db2
  • Recognize the Db2 tools that are used to tune performance

Course Content

Db2 Lock Types and Performance

Db2 Locking and Concurrency

Db2 Performance Issues Associated With Locking and Concurrency

Db2 EXPLAIN Facility

The Concepts of Db2 Explain

The Concepts of the Plan Table

Db2 Access Paths

Db2 Access Paths and the Effect of Different Database Structures and Joins

Performance Management: Components and Facilities

Db2 Performance Management

The Db2 Optimizer

The Db2 Estimator

Optimize Db2 Application Performance Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Database Curriculum
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