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Course Catalog » Database Curriculum

Create and Maintain Db2 Programs V11

6 hours



The Create and Maintain Db2 Programs course describes how SQL is invoked from an application program and the interaction that can occur between the application program and Db2. This course also discusses how a Db2 COBOL Program is created.


Programmers and DBAs requiring training in writing application programs to reference and update Db2 data, particularly in the mainframe environment.


Completion of the courses 'Manage Data Definitions with Db2', 'Db2 SQL Fundamentals', and 'Advanced Db2 SQL' and basic knowledge of Db2, relational databases, and system design.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how the following programs are written with Db2:

  • Report programs
  • Data inquiry programs
  • Data update programs

Course Content

Embedding SQL in an Application Program

Preparing an Application Program with Embedded SQL

Db2 Precompiler and Coprocessor

Plans and Packages

Manipulating Data and Components of an Application Program

Codes Returned from Db2 to an Application Program

Declaring Table Definitions

Host Variables that Pass Values between an Application Program and Db2

Null Values

Indicator Variables

Using Cursors to Reference Table Data

Using a Cursor

ROW and ROWSET Cursors

Scrollable Cursors

Cursor Attributes

Commits and Savepoints

Commit Points and their Effect on Cursors

Db2 Rollbacks and How to Force One


Writing a Db2 COBOL Program

Step by Step Process to Building a Db2 COBOL Program

Writing a Db2 COBOL Cursor Update Program

Writing a Db2 COBOL Program by Using a Cursor

Writing a Db2 COBOL Update Program by Using a Cursor

Create and Maintain Db2 Programs Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Database Curriculum
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