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Course Catalog » CA Technologies Curriculum

CA Endevor™ Software Change Manager Introduction and Basic Usage

6 hours



The CA Endevor™ Software Change Manager Introduction and Basic Usage course provides an overview of change management practices and describes the role that CA Endevor SCM plays. A general description of CA Endevor SCM configuration defaults is provided along with details of foreground and batch processing tasks that can be performed.


Personnel involved with application development and automated software change control.


Familiarity with TSO/ISPF.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Use CA Endevor SCM to manage changes to software inventory
  • Control software inventory throughout Software Development Life Cycle
  • Use CA Endevor SCM in Foreground and Batch modes

Course Content

CA Endevor Software Change Manager Overview

Software Management Concepts and Implementation

Facilities, Optional Features, Interfacing Products

CA Endevor SCM - Displaying Site and Environment Details

CA Endevor SCM ISPF Keys

Site and Stage Details

Processor Group Details

CA Endevor SCM - Listing Footprints and Element Details

Element and List Information

Footprint and Compiler Listings

Foreground Processing

CA Endevor SCM Foreground Options Menu Panel

Navigating Panels in Foreground Mode

Using Foreground Processing To RETRIEVE Elements

Using Foreground Processing To SIGNIN and/or Reassign Elements

Batch Processing - Creating, Executing and Viewing Batch Requests

Creating Batch Requests

Executing Batch Requests

Viewing Batch Execution Logs

Batch Processing - Testing and Moving Elements

Test Actions processing in Batch Mode

Moving Elements Using SCL in Batch

CA Endevor SCM Introduction and Basic Usage Mastery Test

Course Catalog » CA Technologies Curriculum
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