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Course Catalog » CA Technologies Curriculum

Introduction to CA Workload Automation - CA 7® Edition

4 hours



This course introduces the learner to the CA 7 environment and its structure. It describes the methods used to schedule a job and explains how jobs progress through the CA 7 system. A description of initialization parameters used and how they can be invoked at CA 7 startup are provided along with CA 7 general access and navigation instructions.


Personnel who require a working knowledge of CA 7.


Basic knowledge of the z/OS operating system environment.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the CA 7 processes associated with scheduling jobs
  • List the major CA 7 components and their purpose
  • Differentiate between time and event driven scheduling
  • Describe how CA 7 uses calendars to schedule jobs
  • Start and stop CA 7

Course Content

Features and Components

CA 7 Scheduling Concepts

CA 7 Subsystem Components

CA 7 Queues and Data Set

Scheduling Methods

Time and Event Scheduling Methods

Base and Perpetual Calendars

Schedule Scan

Initialization, Navigation, and Termination

Initialization Parameters

Starting and Stopping CA 7

Accessing and Navigating CA 7

CA 7 Interfaces

CA 7 Help

Introduction to CA Workload Automation - CA 7® Edition Mastery Test

Course Catalog » CA Technologies Curriculum
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