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Course Catalog » CA Technologies Curriculum

CA Easytrieve® Report Generator

9 hours



The CA Easytrieve® Report Generator course explains how reports are produced by using the CA Easytrieve Report Generator language. It details the structure of an CA Easytrieve program, including the Activity and Report sections. It also explains the basic commands used in the CA Easytrieve programming language to manipulate data for reporting, and the available report types.


Personnel requiring knowledge about the use of CA Easytrieve Report Generator in programming.


Basic knowledge of programming principles and the MVS platform.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the capabilities of CA Easytrieve
  • Recognize the basic structures of the CA Easytrieve language
  • Identify how CA Easytrieve and MVS JCL interact
  • Identify how a simple program is coded

Course Content

Introduction and Overview

Capabilities and File Processing

Program Structure

Syntax Definition

Files and Data Definition

Component Parts of an Easytrieve Plus Program

Keywords Needed to Code the Syntax for Files

Library Section and File Statements

Definition of Variables

File Types - Sequential, VSAM, Virtual Work, ISAM

Synchronized or Keyed File Processing

Easytrieve Plus Tasks

Job and Sort Activity Statements

Sort Input and Output Routines

File I/O

How File Input Can Be Controlled - Automatic or from a Database

JOB Statement

How Filenames Can Be Specified

The Operations of GET, PUT

The Print Keyword That Controls Reporting Output

The Display Statement That Produces Printed Output

Programming Logic Statements

The Branching and Decision Logic Keywords

The IF, ELSE, and END-IF Statements

The DO and END-DO Operators

The GOTO Statement, PERFORM, and STOP Statement

Field Comparisons, File Comparisons, Statement Labels

Procedure Processing (procs)

How to Manipulate Numeric and Character Variables

The Equivalence Statements


Standard vs. Label Reports

The REPORT Keyword

Format and File Names for Reports

The SEQUENCE Keyword That Enables Sorting

The CONTROL Statement for Control-Breaks, Titles, and Headings

LINE for Print-Line Definition

Report Procedures

Tables and Arrays

How to Define Tables:

  • In-stream from the Library Section of the Program
  • Externally from a File

How to Search the Tables

Macros and MVS JCL



JCL to Compile and Go

More Complex JCL

Synchronized File Processing


Library Section



VFM Processing

Course Catalog » CA Technologies Curriculum
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