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Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » CA ACF2™ Series

CA ACF2™ - For Auditors

5 hours



These courses describe how CA ACF2™ is used to protect and secure the system against accidental and malicious access and damage. It instructs the student on how CA ACF2™ works and how to define users, rules and parameters, to restrict access to the system and its resources.


Auditors, and other personnel requiring CA ACF2™ auditing knowledge on the z/OS platform.


Completion of the "CA ACF2™ Introduction" course and knowledge of TSO, ISPF, data sets, Job Control Language (JCL), and basic security requirements.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define security auditing objectives
  • Identify how to set audit controls for users, data sets, and resources
  • Create and interpret audit and logging reports

Course Content

CA ACF2™ Auditing Functions

Auditing Objectives

ACF2 Audit Reports

Audit Privileges and Access Controls

CA ACF2™ Auditing Controls

Monitoring System and Data Set Access

Resource and Special Facilities Access

CA ACF2™ Auditing Report Parameters

JCL Used to Create Audit Reports

Passing Parameters to Audit Reports

CA ACF2™ Auditing Reports

Using ISPF Screens to Produce Reports

ACF2 Logging and Violation Reports

CA ACF2™ - For Auditors Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » CA ACF2™ Series
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