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Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » RACF - z/OS Security Server RACF V2.3 Series


3 hours



The "RACF - RACF and z/OS UNIX" course describes the requirements for configuring security in a z/OS UNIX environment using RACF. It covers the creation and use of UID and GID definitions as well as file and directory permission bits and access control lists that are referenced when accessing those z/OS UNIX resources.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators and anyone requiring knowledge about securing z/OS UNIX users and system resources using RACF


Successful completion of the "RACF - Defining and Managing Users" and "RACF - Managing RACF Groups and Administrative Authorities" course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe how z/OS UNIX users are defined
  • Define and Maintain z/OS UNIX File Permissions and Access Control Lists
  • Invoke and use ISHELL to maintain z/OS UNIX file and directory access

Course Content

Defining and Managing z/OS UNIX Users

How z/OS UNIX Security Requirements Differ

UID and GID Requirements

OMVS Profile Segment

Automatically Assigning UIDs and GIDs

Unique and Shared IDs

Displaying UID and GID Information

z/OS UNIX Attributes in the User Profile

Updating OMVS Segment Data

Superuser Authority

Protecting z/OS UNIX Resources

Protecting z/OS UNIX Files and Directories

Access Classes

Creating and Updating File Permission Bits

Using Access Control Lists

Controlling Access to File Systems

Using the ISPF UNIX Shell to Protect File and Directory Access

Restricting Access to z/OS UNIX File Systems

Using FACILITY Class Profiles to Protect z/OS UNIX Functions

RACF - RACF and z/OS UNIX Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » RACF - z/OS Security Server RACF V2.3 Series
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