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Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » RACF - z/OS Security Server RACF V2.4 Series

RACF - Introduction 2.4

3 hours



This course introduces the learner to IBM's RACF security software, explaining how it has evolved and how it is typically used in z/OS, and can interact with non-z/OS workloads. It discusses the importance of security, and the types of resources it protects. The course then introduces the concept of user and group profiles and describes from a user perspective, RACF's interaction with day-to-day user tasks. Examples showing how various users can interact with RACF are also provided.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators and anyone requiring knowledge about the use of IBM's RACF security software.


Completion of the "IBM (z/OS) - Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment" Interskill course, or equivalent knowledge. Familiarization with TSO and ISPF software will be of benefit.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how RACF protects resources
  • Describe how RACF uses profiles to define and control access to resources
  • Identify TSO commands use to interact with RACF
  • Describe other interfaces to RACF

Course Content

Introduction to RACF

Importance of RACF

Protecting Data and Resources

How RACF Authenticates Requests for System Resources


RACF Job Responsibilities

Identifying and Authorizing Users

Data Set Access Lists

General Resource Classes

Logging and Reporting System Accesses

Interacting with RACF

RACF TSO Command Interface

Issuing RACF Commands to a Remote z/OS System

Type of Commands Entered by Users and Specialists

RACF ISPF Interface

Batch and Programming Interfaces


Vanguard Security Manager

RACF - Introduction 2.4 Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » RACF - z/OS Security Server RACF V2.4 Series
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