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Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » RACF Series

RACF for System Administrators and Auditors

4 hours



The RACF for System Adminstrators and Auditors course describes the skills needed to audit security access in an RACF controlled system. It includes setting up auditing options and interpreting audit data.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators, and others requiring knowledge about the use of the Security Server (RACF) on the z/OS platform.


Knowledge of TSO and ISPF and an understanding of data sets and basic security issues.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Identify and Set Options that Control System Functions
  • Identify and Set Options that Control Administrative Functions
  • List the processes required to achieve standard Auditing objectives of a z/OS environment
  • Use the RACF facilities available to achieve z/OS Auditing objectives
  • Describe and specify Auditing Controls
  • Describe and Define Auditing Options
  • Describe and Run RACF Utilities
  • Identify DSMON Reports

Course Content

RACF System Options

System Control Options

System Administration Options

Auditing Objectives and Facilities

Auditing Objectives

Auditing Facilities

Auditing Controls and Options

Auditing Control Definitions

Auditing Option Definitions

RACF Utilities and Reports

RACF Utilities

DSMON Reports

RACF for Auditors Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Security Curriculum » RACF Series
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