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Course Catalog » Assembler Curriculum

Assembler z/OS Advanced

5 hours



The z/OS Assembler course covers introductory concepts, Instructions, z/OS Architecture, etc. It instructs the student on programming using assembler language mnemonics, provides a machine code specific introduction to the z/OS architecture and covers number systems and program compilation / execution.


System or application programmers who code Assembler programs or maintain system related programs and user exits; this course reinforces good Assembler programming techniques and introduces more advanced techniques including program management, system macros and 64 bit addressing.


Completion of the Assembler Introduction, Assembler Instructions, Assembler Macros and Assembler Programming courses plus a sound knowledge of programming concepts, and experience with IBM z/OS architecture.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:

  • ES/390 and 64 bit instructions
  • Linkage and save areas
  • Macro forms and formats
  • 64 Bit Addressability

Course Content

ESA/390 Enhancements

Architecture Extensions

Code Examples

Storage Operands V

Variable Length Data

PSW Update Restart

Search Techniques

Interruptible Instructions

Program Management

Program and linkage Structures

Program Prologue, Epilogue and Save Areas

Linkage Stack and associated instructions

Coding and Using Macros

Macro Formats

System State Indicator

Macro Execute and List forms

Program Attaching and Linking

Macro examples

64 Bit Addressability

Address Space

IARV64 Macro

64 bit instructions


Assembler z/OS Advanced Mastery Test

Course Catalog » Assembler Curriculum
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