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Course Catalog » PL/1 Programming Curriculum » PL/1 Programming Series

PL/1 Preprocessor, Debugging and Advanced Coding

5 hours



The PL/1 Debugging and Advanced Coding Techniques course explains the reasons for program errors and describes the tools available to debug a PL/1 program. It also explores some more advanced coding techniques in the language.


Application programmers who maintain and develop commercial and scientific PL/1 programs.


Knowledge of programming concepts and experience with mainframe system architecture.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:

  • How to compile and run PL/1 programs
  • How to debug a PL/1 program
  • How to use the PL/1 Preprocessor
  • How to use advanced PL/1 coding techniques

Course Content

Compiling and Running PL/1 Programs

Controlling the Compile Process:

  • PROCESS Statement
  • JCL PARM Operand

Compiler Listing Options

How to Make Use of the Preprocessor

Preprocessor Statements

The Compilation Process

JCL Required to Compile a Program

Sections of a Compiler Listing

JCL Required to Execute a Program

Passing Program Parameters in JCL

Debugging Your Program

Reasons for Program Errors

Error Handling Routines

Language Environment Services

Compiler Listing Options

Run-time Options

ON Condition Error Handling

Dumps and Their Options

Interactive Debug Tool

PL/1 Preprocessor

Preprocessor Invocation

Preprocessor Statements

Preprocessor Variables

Using the Preprocessor to Generate Code

Using the Preprocessor to Replace Code

Preprocessor Procedures

Preprocessor Built-In Functions

Supplementary Coding Techniques

Allocating and Freeing Storage

Using Locator Qualifiers

Multiple Generation of Storage for BASED Variables

Pointer Usage

DISPLAY and REPLY processing

Controlling Arithmetic Precision

Converting Data Types

PL/1 Internal Sort Routines

E15 and E35 Sort Exits

PL/1 Workshop

Develop a PL/1 Program Using Concepts Previously Discussed

Important Aspects of the Program

Extensive Use of Documentation Areas

Explain Program Flow

PL/1 Preprocessor, Debugging and Advanced Coding Mastery Test

Course Catalog » PL/1 Programming Curriculum » PL/1 Programming Series
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