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Mainframe Network Communications Assessment 2.1

1 hour



This assessment measures your general knowledge of the z/OS Communications Server, Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM) concepts, and common network terminology. It also tests skills associated with entering appropriate VTAM commands and the interpretation of command displays and VTAM system messages.


This assessment is designed for data center staff responsible for the operation and monitoring of the z/OS SNA and TCP/IP networks, or IT specialists that are required to have an understanding of the same.


A good general knowledge of the z/OS Communications Server, VTAM concepts, and common network terminology.

The following Datatrain courses have been used as reference for this assessment:

  • IBM Mainframe Communications Concepts
  • VTAM Commands
  • Mainframe TCP/IP Commands

Additional on-the-job training in the areas above should also be undertaken to prepare you for scenario based questions that have been included in this assessment.


This assessment covers the following topics:

  • z/OS Communications Server functionality
  • VTAM functionality and terminology
  • VTAM Start-up and Shutdown
  • Format and syntax of VTAM commands
  • Interpretation of VTAM displays and messages
  • Entering of VTAM commands to display, activate, and deactivate VTAM resources
  • Standard TCP/IP commands invoked from the mainframe
  • Commands used to start and stop TCP/IP and its related processes

Questions have been created to z/OS 2.1 level.

Course Content

Mainframe Network Communications Assessment

Course Catalog » Assessment Curriculum
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