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Advanced PL/I Assessment

1.5 hours



This assessment measures your general knowledge of basic PL/I programming and processes. It contains 35 questions that will take approximately 150 minutes to complete, with the pass-mark set at 70%.


The assessment is designed for IT staff who work or plan to work with the PL/I programming language in a z/OS environment.


A solid understanding of PL/I concepts, PL/I programming syntax, and the statements associated with data declarations and program flow. The user should also have experience working with PL/I code problem identification and resolution.

The following Interskill courses have been used as reference for this assessment:

  • PL/1 Fundamentals and Data Representation
  • PL/1 Program Design Techniques
  • PL/1 Accessing Data in Files
  • PL/1 Preprocessor, Debugging, and Advanced Coding

Additional on-the-job training in the areas above should also be undertaken to prepare you for scenario based questions that have been included in this assessment.


This assessment covers the following topics:

  • Sorting Data
  • Arrays
  • Built-In Functions and Subroutines
  • Special Processing
  • Preprocessing
  • Using Pointers
  • Compiling Programs
  • Sharing Data
  • Error Handling

Questions have been created to Enterprise PL/I for z/OS 5.1 level.

Course Content

Advanced PL/I Assessment

Course Catalog » Assessment Curriculum
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