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JCL - Basic VSE Job Control

4 hours



The JCL - Basic VSE Job Control course introduces the three basic job statements. It also describes the order of the JCL and its relevance to the job control program.


Operators, programmers, and other personnel who require knowledge of JCL.


Knowledge of VSE.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the function of JCL
  • Recognize the different parameters and the options used with JCL
  • Identify the correct format to use when coding parameters
  • Identify the JCL statements to use when selecting job attributes

Course Content

VSE Job Streams

Basic Format of Job Statement

Job Name

Accounting Information

End of Job Statement

Basic Format of EXEC Statement

Program Name

Size Operand

Parm Operand

Documenting Jobs

Format and Function of the Pause Statement

Format and Function of the Comment Statement

File Labels and Assignments

Permanent and Temporary Statements

Format of ASSGN Statement and the Operands Used

The TLBL Statement, Format, and Operands

The DLBL Statement, Format, and Operands

Creating a VSE Job

Course Catalog » VSE Curriculum » VSE Series
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