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We train the mainframe community

Datatrain courseware has been designed to train operations, technical support, and programming personnel from beginner level to advanced in IBM mainframe, IBM midrange, and TANDEM.

We also train the global mainframe community in software tool content from major vendors such as CA and BMC.

Nobody does it better

Datatrain has the world’s premier curriculum of mainframe e-learning courseware. We focus on the learning and not just the “e”–or the technology–in e-learning.

Our learning designs are guided by contemporary learning theory and are interactive, contextualized, and responsive to diverse learning styles.

We immerse our learners in relevant, authentic activities that motivate, engage, and produce quantifiable change.

Your training department goes global
Anywhere, anytime access through the Web or your LMS = no downtime
Target training to the specific skills that your staff need = time and cost savings
Provide cross-training on a wide variety of skill sets = versatility, flexibility
Up-to-date content + self-paced learning + broad range of titles = exceptional training results
Motivating, engaging, interactive courses = high usage rates

See for yourself

Click here to view a demonstration.

Datatrain curricula and courses are broadly classified into the following areas, but any combination of courses is available.

IBM z/OS Operations   IBM Power Series
IBM z/OS Programming CA
Tandem Security
VSE   Service Oriented Architecture
Check the Datatrain Catalog for more information.
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