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Mainframe Facts - did you know?

Fact 1

89% of mainframe customers planned to keep their mainframes for at least five more years, with more than a third of them intending to keep their mainframes for 10 - 20 or more years.

** 2014 Vanson Bourne study

Fact 2

IBM predicts that approximately 37,200 new mainframe administration positions will emerge worldwide by 2020.

Fact 3

62% of data center organizations recognize that they will have a skills shortage within the next five years.

** IBM internal study

Fact 4

IBM has invested more than $10 million in its Academic Initiative, a program that involves over 1000 colleges and universities in 67 countries, and over 68,000 students.

Fact 5

IBM's 2014 Master the Mainframe competition involved 20,000 students from 6 continents. It culminated in 43 finalists vying for the coveted World Champion title in New York City.

Fact 6

Every second, 1.1 million high-volume customer transactions occur on mainframes. To put this into perspective, Google experiences almost 60,000 searches per second.

Fact 7

Each year, IBM mainframes handle $23 billion worth of ATM transactions and $6 trillion in credit and debit card transactions.

Fact 8

More than 70% of global Fortune 500 companies use the mainframe to run their core business functions.

Fact 9

IBM sells mainframes to cloud service providers, who focus on delivering large scale Linux environments.

Fact 10

The latest enterprise IBM EC12 mainframe can execute more than 78,000 millions of instructions per second (MIPS).

Fact 11

In the FIFA 2014 World Cup, 14 cameras are set up to capture goal mouth action. The data from these cameras is sent to a mainframe computer that analyzes each goal, and in turn sends a signal to a watch worn by the referee to confirm that a goal has been scored.

Fact 12

96 of the world's top 100 banks, 23 of the top25 US retailers and 9 of the world's 10 largest insurance companies, run System z.

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